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Córdoba en Mayo 2014

The month of May in Cordoba is the month of the year. May in Cordoba is a festival of happiness, scents, tastes, emotions… Cordoba during May means the “Cruces” (flower crosses), the Patios, the Feria and an enormous number of playful activities.

Cordoba en Mayo

Córdoba en Mayo

The month of May starts in Cordoba this year on April 23th. All month is full of festivals, happiness, fun, light and color. With hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, may is a month full of joy and a handful of activities.

Córdoba en Mayo

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The “Patios”, along with forged bars and balconies from private houses, opens its doors to the public, inviting to walk around the beauty of the city streets declared as Patrimony of Mankind by the UNESCO.

The Cordobesian gastronomy and its typical courses, as the salmorejo, the flamenquin or the rabo de toro, are tasted by numberless supporters of food pleasures in restaurants, taverns, wineries, “Cruces de Mayo”, “Feria de Ntra.Señora de la Salud” around the city.

The best of local wines, with its own Certified Appellation of Origin, pair unbeaten with Cordobesian meals. The tasting of the best of them is possible in the “Cata del Vino”, with numberless stands, varieties and wineries from the county.

Cordoba en Mayo

The flamenco and the music are also stars in Cordoba during May. Charm nights and unrivalled shows take place in an unmatched frame in street stages, the Feria and the “Certamen de Academias de Baile” (flamenco dance schools contest). Some of the most recognized international artists have a meeting at the Blues Festival and many activities.

Two important fairs (“romerías”), from Linares and Santo Domingo, take place on May, where thousands of citizens and pilgrims meet in the slopes of Cordobesian mountains.

Cordoba en Mayo

The Fair (Feria de Ntra. Señora de la Salud) sets the end of the popular festivals in May and the beginning of the joyful, dance attractions, gipsy girls, Cordobesian hats, garlands and more than 100 stands at the Arenal. The “Corridas de toros”, with the presence of the best bullfigthers in Spain and America, also take place during the Feria, in the Califa’s Bullring.


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